Anime Review: Nyanpire the Animation Episode 1

Anime Review:
Nyanpire the Animation Episode 1

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Series Premise: Nyanpire: The Animation is a televised anime series started in July 2011, based on a dojinshi by Yukiusa. A small black cat is saved from death by a vampire, and now lives with its human owner, Misaki. Aimed at a younger audience, each episode is less than five minutes long.

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ep. tl;dr review: Cute kitten likes to drink red things. Yup, that’s pretty much it.

Episode Summary: A tiny black cat is about to die, when saved by a passing vampire that resurrects it with a drop of blood. Now known as Nyanpire, the cat now lives with its human owner, Misaki. The cat is hungry and begs for food, then discovers the refrigerator contains “red things”. After drinking some ketchup and orange soda, Misaki gives Nyanpire a bloody fish…which the cat thinks is “fishy”.

My Impressions: Well, this does have *two* things going for it: It’s cute. Also, it’s about three minutes long. ….aaaaand, that’s about all the positive things I can say about this show.

Why did I ever think this could be interesting? Inoffensive at best, boring at its worst, what does it say about the show when the minute-and-a-half live-action music video at the end is more entertaining than the main feature?

If you want to watch cute animated shorts featuring cats, you’re better off watching the hundred-plus episodes of Chi’s Sweet Home, or perhaps Simon’s Cat.

Hell, I’d even find an endless loop of Nyan Cat more entertaining:

Okay…had enough yet? Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.

The verdict:

For more information:

Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I will judge the show however on its commercial merits, which turn out to be complete shit. Again I am not a cat, so my opinion is biased. They could have made Nyanpire an edgy little four-minute show and targeted it at a more mature demographic, like say, eight year-olds, instead of four year-olds.” – Moe Monster
  • “I have no idea how can this shit be a big hit for someone. Grade: 6/10.” – Conspicuous Klux
  • “FINE. YOU WERE ALL RIGHT AND I WAS WRONG! It’s going to take a long time for my ego to recover after taking such a blow. ;D” – Sekijitsu
  • “Gonzo is back! Unfortunately, I do have to say that this is Bad Gonzo. This was just… very poorly produced and it looks more like the commercial for a crappy j-pop band. Potential: 0%” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “In the end, watching an episode solely for a single joke or two just isn’t worth it. At least Double-J tries to be creative with it’s jokes, here it’s just very plain. Grade: 3.5/10.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Kyaa~ It’s insanely cute!! I love the sound whenever it walks!! I love how cute it is! We need whole episodes of this though… 3 minutes isn’t enough~ OuO Nyanpire is so adorable!!” – Anime Evo
  • “It was cute……..for about a minute, and then quickly became boring, hopefully once a few more characters get introduced the show won’t be so meh.” – Caraniel’s Ramblings
  • “Did I mention this episode is a whopping four and a half minutes? Go watch it if you like cute things. It’s funny, cute, and might even make you smile.” – Angry Anime Bitches
  • “It’s perhaps unfair to judge Nyanpire the Animation as a full show, but if you’re going to advertise it as one, it needs more of a kick than this weak effort. Grade: 7/25.” – AniMaybe


Thumbs-up for Round One: Busou Shinki: Moon Angel, Blood-C, Mawaru Penguindrum, Kamisama Dolls

Thumbs-down for Round One: Double J, Morita-san wa Mukuchi, Mayo Chiki, Nyanpire the Animation

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3 Responses to Anime Review: Nyanpire the Animation Episode 1

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  2. theidolhands says:

    Can you say marketing genius? I for see many girls with plush back packs from said show.

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