Anime Review: Hetalia Axis Powers Movie: Paint It, White

Anime Review:
Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White

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Series Premise: Hetalia: Axis Powers is a long-running web comic and net animation series where various countries are personified as various male characters with very specific quirks and traits based on their respective country’s stereotypes. In June 2010, a 70-minute movie titled “Paint It, White” was released.

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ep. tl;dr review: World under attack from generic blandless; No, I am not describing the alien attack, I’m describing Hetalia itself.

Spoiler-free Movie Set-up: The Earth is under attack from an unknown alien that is turning everyone and everything across the globe into a bland see of white nothingness! Who will stand and fight against this alien menace? Why, Hetalia Axis Powers, of course! Eight of the “greatest” nations on Earth meet to formulate a plan. Despite their internal squabbling, they ultimately infiltrate the alien spacecraft, meet with the aliens but their own antics end up biting them in the butt in the end. Who will ultimate stand up to the ever-encroaching whiteness before it too late?

My Impressions: I’ll keep this very short and simple, because I dislike Hetalia with a moderate intensity. The whole concept of having various countries (in the form of anthropomorphized people) fighting each other is interesing by itself, it’s just the execution of the concept has been absolutely horrible, unfunny and just a pain to watch. The only saving grace is that each episode of the show is only a few minutes long, so the amount of pain in having to endure Hetalia is blissfully short. So here I am, confronted with a feature length film, a full seventy minutes of unpalatable antics. How will I ever survive?

Well, actually…it was easier to digest than the episodic series. Probably because there was an actual plot, albeit a lame one, so there was a point to the whole thing instead of just an endless string of random, meaningless jokes. It didn’t make the characters any more interesting, it didn’t make the jokes any less insipid, but at least it had a direction.

I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say the ending is just as silly as the entire scenario itself. I imagine if you’re already a Hetalia fan, you’re going to love this movie. But for heathens such as myself, there’s nothing here for the non-Hetalia fan to enjoy. (Except for Sealand; anything that references the most obscure country in the world deserves some props.)

The verdict:

FINAL GRADE: C- (Note: All completed series and feature-length movies receive a final letter grade) While this is not the worst thing in the world, it was a bit of a chore to endure, and most definitely this movie is not for the non-fan like myself. The only saving grace is that it was slightly more coherent and interesting than individual episodes of the actual series itself.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Overall, this movie was pretty good. I expected a lot more out of it, and was a tad disappointed in the end, but all and all, I liked it a lot more than I hated it. Hetalia is supposed to be a series that you’re suppose to laugh at mainly and have a good time with, so don’t expect a super-duper story that will blow your mind because it was so awesome/dramatic/sad/whatever else you want to throw in there. Grade: 8/10.” – My Anime List top review
  • “It’s a fun movie, and I’d recommend all Hetalia fans to at least give it a go. However if you like Hetalia for its historical content only and aren’t all that fond of the crackier, lolwut aspects of it, you probably aren’t going to enjoy it all that much. Same goes if you think too hard about things and want everything to make perfect sense. Grade: 3.5/5.” – Moeronpan
  • “My thoughts on this?? They tried to preserve the series feeling in the movie. On each episode there might be a main thing going on, but it gets intrrupted or followed or preceded with something totally random that has little if nothing to do with the main events. The episodes just jump from event to event, randomly, and rarely follows a lineal plot. I think the remake of random episodes parts here and there throughout the movie were meant to maintain this.” – The Fujoshi Complex
  • “Well all in all, the movie was great fun, the plot was average but there are lots of funny, entertaining scenes XD i kinda like the ending too. Well I’m not saying the ending is super but at least it wasn’t as cliche as I thought it would be and I think it’s pretty good. Overall, I’ll give it a 7/10 =)” – Half Biscuit
  • “I think it definitely helps if you’re a hardcore fan of Axis Powers: Hetalia x3 Really it’s pretty much the only way you can appreciate the utter mindfuck this plot would seem. I was a bit weirded out at some parts xD But over all I was having a fangasm through the entire thing! Grade: 5/5.” – Federation Invasion

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