Anime Review: Fireball Charming Episode 2

Anime Review:
Fireball Charming Episode 2

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Series Premise: Fireball Charming is a series of two-minute-long animated shorts, aired weekly starting in April 2011. It is a “sequel” to the Fireball series produced in 2008 by Disney Japan, featuring entirely computer-generated artwork of two robots in the far future as they make silly comments about the world around them.

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ep. tl;dr review: Drossel poses on; Gedachtnis drones on.

Episode Summary: With Drossel acting in a very “un-lady-like” manner, Gedachtnis decides to give her lessons on how to move and behave gracefully. However, having Drossel prance around with books balanced on her head while avoiding obstacles doesn’t exactly seem to get the point across.

My Impressions: Kind of hard to “review” a two-minute-long episode when there isn’t really a story to talk about. Mostly this is an exercise of “look how neat this computer generated animation looks!”…which would be impressive, if this was 1998. But we’ve seen this level of high quality computer graphics before many times over, it’s hardly a big deal any more.

So, instead we turn to the jokes. Or, I should say, I wish we could turn to the jokes, except this is hardly a yuk-fest. Drossel acts like a spoiled brat entitled teenage princess (because, well, she is, and is programmed as such), and Gedachtnis acts like a droll, dry-witted, overbearing guardian servant (again, because that’s exactly what he is). I get how the rapid-fire exchanges in conversation between the differing personalities is supposed to work, but it doesn’t seem to click for me. Sorry, just not worth it.

Perhaps it all flows better and is more entertaining when watched as a a large block of episodes, rather than two minutes here, big break, then two minutes further down the road. Watching the entire series would be less than a half-hour commitment, so I might return to watch it in the future. But for now…dropped.

The verdict: – frustratingly uninteresting.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “One part I love about Fire­ball is how the world is appar­ently inhab­ited by way more than just Dros­sel and Gedächt­nis, but that’s all we ever see and the show goes out of its way to not show any­one else.” – The Cart Driver
  • “I said it in my preview for the show and I’ll say it again, what the Fireball series excels at with its humor is mainly its timing. It knows exactly when to have a character say or do something for the best comedic impact. It also just makes the conversation itself more interesting. Grade: 9/10.” – Riyoga’s Ramblings
  • “Now, random humour alone isn’t necessarily funny: if Fireball would just have been randomness for the sake of randomness it would have gotten boring really quickly, even for its length. However, it has a great comedic timing and a very eccentric sense of humour that is hard not to like. Not to mention that it has two very likable main characters. Grade: 82.5/100.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “But yeah…there isn’t much to say about such a short yet under-rated franchise. It’ll make you laugh and it looks great, but it’s not memorable and it doesn’t have a rollercoaster of events and plot-twists to enjoy. It’s just…good old fashioned slapstick comedy. Grade: 8/10.” – Meeping Anime Blog


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