Anime Review: Gosick Episode 6

Anime Review:
Gosick Episode 6

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Series Premise: Gosick is a 24-part weekly television series that began airing in January 2011, based on a light novel series by Fujimi Shobo. Kazuya is a young exchange student who arrives at a European academy in 1924, where he meets with the diminutive but brilliant recluse Victorique. Together, they solve the impossible-to-solve mysteries, with the help of the local inspector.

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ep. tl;dr review: Window into Victorique’s dark past opened; Character interactions trump simplistic mysteries every time.

Episode Summary: Kazuya and Avril visit an open-air market, and witness a valuable antique plate disappear; Victorique quickly postulates it’s the nun who was selling the plate that absconded it. After reading a newspaper message about the “Gray Wolves”, Victorique steals away in the middle of the night, and she silently allows Kazuya to join her despite their strained relationship. In the town of Horovitz, Victorique explains how her mother, Cordelia, was accused of murder and Victorique has returned to her hometown to prove her innocence, but upon reaching the “lair” of the Gray Wolves, they receive a chilly reception.

My Impressions: What the fuck, Kazuya? Why in god’s name would you have the urge to flick Victorique on the forehead to “see if it hurts”? Of course it does, numbnuts! How did you expect her to react?

And then later that night, after seeing Victorique secretly leaving the campus — are you a complete idiot or are you so socially clueless that you can’t read the situation? A toothache…really? A trip to the dentist…seriously? And after the cold shoulder and silent treatment, you still force yourself along for the ride? This boy is all kinds of stupid.

Victorique, to her credit, is smart and mature enough to realize that Kazuya has no ill intentions, he’s just completely clueless. (Well, the “mature” half of Victorique in his case, after all she is a complex bundle of grown-up and child, due to her unique confined situation). While not explicitly forgiving him for his transgressions, she silently allows him to come along, essentially forgiving him by default. Also probably realizing that heading off to a potential den of wolves all alone is not advisable.

On the surface, Gosick may be described as a show about solving mysteries with a hint of Sherlock Holmes. But in reality, Gosick is not about the mysteries, which so far have been pretty simple and lame — and they only exist to drive the real point of the story, which is the growth and interaction between the characters. And this episode is a perfect example of that. Forget the mysteries, give me more of Victorique confronting the dark past and tainted reputation passed down by her mother. That’s where Gosick shines.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Almost unexpectedly, the story completely shifts focus to our golden haired heroine, and sure enough, my interest meter skyrockets. Whether it’s the sudden fragility she displays, or the endearing blushes exposing her dere, Victorique rightfully takes reign in being the center of attention. After all, who’s the goth(s)ic(k) one?” – Random Curiosity
  • “Best episode yet! Seriously, this episode was significantly better than anything we’ve seen of Gosick so far. The biggest reason was that second half, which finally took an in-depth look into Victorique’s character and her past. It’s an interesting backstory and it was well told, so let’s hope that it can keep this up. Grade: Good.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “It should really be a crime to be this stupid. I’m starting to think that I’m watching this show just to fuel my darker emotions. It takes itself too seriously to be funny, but the writing is so so so bad. The entire first half was just a parade of godawful stupidity that was made only worse by revelations in the second half.” – Tenka Seiha
  • “After the disaster that was last arc, my feelings are a little mixed about this episode. On one hand, it could a chance for Gosick to redeem itself and actually have a decent story for this arc, but on the other hand, last arc was just so bad that it feels like I’d be unnecessarily getting my hopes up for expecting anything good here.” – Metanorn

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