Anime Review: Hourou Musuko Episode 6

Anime Review:
Hourou Musuko Episode 6

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Series Premise: Hourou Musuko, a.k.a. “Wandering Son” is a weekly television series that aired between January and March 2011, based on a long-running manga series by Takako Shimura. Shuichi is a boy who wants to become a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to become a boy. Both of them are on the cusp of puberty, exploring their own identities and such unexplored topics as transsexualism and gender identity as they enter the difficult years of junior high school.

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ep. tl;dr review: The class performs their play; Okay, that’s finally out of the way, now what?

Episode Summary: The day of the school cultural festival arrives, and the class prepares for their gender-bending play. The students run around the school, including visiting a haunted house to let of steam, and meet up with a visiting teen idol. As the play starts, Makoto (Juliet) gets terrible stage fright, but with encouragement he warms up and the play is a success. In the end, Saori hands him flowers, in her own way acknowledging he did a good job.

My Impressions: This felt like a bit of a “mini-conclusion” episode, where one of the major storylines for the past few episodes has finally reached its climax. Of course, the story was never about the Romeo and Juliet play itself, but more about how the students interact while producing and finally acting out the play. Interestingly enough, the main characters (Shuichi and Yoshino) have largely taken a back seat in this story arc, instead it has been more about the troubled Saori and the pensive Makoto. Oh sure, stuff has happened with Shuichi and Yoshino in the process (especially with the strange relationship with Anna), but that seems more like set-up for the second half of the anime series.

Not that I’m complaining much, because Saori herself is probably the most interesting…and most bothersome…character in the series. As for Makoto, well, I’ve never really liked him much, he seems so forceful in his desire to be a girl in direct opposition to how Shuichi is handling his conflict. His rather desperate plea of “Look at me, acknowledge that I’m a girl!” was disturbing, requiring validation makes me wonder if there’s more going on with him that meets the eye.

Chi-chan remains as adorably un-self-conscious as always. She never realizes how annoying she can be at times, physically the most mature but emotionally the least. Please, never change, Chi-chan.

The verdict: – Halfway to the end.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “The big strength of this show is how it’s able to breathe life in a relatively large cast in a relatively small amount of time, and this all came together in that aftermath: just about everyone had something different to say about it and experienced something different, from Saori’s subtle compliment to her co-star to Nitori’s sister commenting how he just wrote himself into the story. Grade: Excellent.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “Time heals wounds, and I think Saori will start to soften up a bit as the series goes on; unfortunately her feelings for Nitori will probably still be in vain.” – Random Curiosity
  • “It was pretty darn obvious that Mako had some sort of inferiority complex in terms of cross dressing capability, considering how he always felt like he was being compared to Nitori. That being said, Saori’s subtle way of reassuring and congratulating Mako was rather sweet on her part, even if she tried to be all cold-hearted about it. Grade: 3.9/5.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “One of the best things about Hourou Musuko is how all of the characters are just so likable. They feel so authentically human. Even the characters which are kind of jerks or kind of annoying, such as Chiba and Momo, are understandable and sympathetic…The creators did an amazing job building such depth of character in everyone with such a miniscule amount of time.” – Draggle’s Anime Blog

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