Anime Review: Fractale Episode 6

Anime Review:
Fractale Episode 6

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Series Premise: Fractale is an 11-episode weekly television series aired from January to March 2011 as part of Fuji TV’s noitaminA time-slot, an original story directed by Yutaka Yamamoto, developed by Hiroki Azuma and Mari Okada. Clain lives in a futuristic utopia world known as Fractale, and one day he comes across a mysterious priestess on the run named Phryne. After she disappears, Clain searches after her, with only Nessa, a computer-generated ‘doppel’ that emerges from a pendant she leaves in his care, to guide him. Along the way, he learns the secrets about the Fractale system, and that it may not be the utopia he imagined.

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ep. tl;dr review: Clain learns the dividing line between the good guys and bad guys is not so clear; Another “eh” episode.

Episode Summary: The ship sets down for repairs outside of the Fractale signal’s range, and they run across a group of refugees who have lost their connection to Fractale. The group is met by an armed contingent of The Lost Millennium (separate from the Granitz Family) led by Dias, who offers them sanctuary. Clain chases down a man living in a house under a massive tower of antennas, and finds he also shares an interest in antique electronics. Clain and Phryne return that night to experience a taste of the man’s dream, where he hopes to restore the Fractale signal to the area. But Clain also discovers Dias’ heavy-handed tactics to force the refugees to abandon their link to Fractale under pain of death. As they leave, the older man gives Clain a digital camera as a gift.

My Impressions: Perhaps I am being a little hard on Clain, but I am getting a bit tired of his continued naivete. Then again, given that he has lived his entire life in a false utopia, it’s not really surprising. Furthermore, the bright-eyed youth experiencing the real world for the first time is a well-worn stock character in adventure anime series (I could probably tick off a dozen examples if I wanted to, Eureka Seven pops immediately to mind because I’m watching that right now). And in this episode, he has learned a valuable lesson about the Lost Millennium, particularly when factions within the loose-knit group do not agree. Can’t exactly approve of Dias’ militant tactics (gunning down a fleeing man), but it all boils down to how much you think ends can justify the means, I guess. Don’t forget that the Granitz Family doesn’t exactly have clean hands, either; they are, after all, a terrorist group that mowed down several people in the shocker attack a few episodes back. Nor is the Fractale System the answer, either, as it falls into irreparable decay, perpetuating a population that literally can no longer survive without it.

Although it was not explicitly mentioned in this episode, it was pretty clearly inferred that the sickly older man was Clain’s father. Clain never realized it (how many years have they been disconnected from each other?), but the father did and I’m sure the gift of the digital camera will play some key role down the line. But we’ve now passed the halfway point, and it doesn’t really feel like a whole lot has happened in the series so far. We’re still doing world-building at this point, if there is going to be a major conflict, they better get the ball rolling soon.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “This episode was completely saved by the last thirty seconds. The majority of this episode really was Clain, trying to see exactly how annoying he could be, and this just kept going on and on. I mean, we’re more than halfway through right now. At this point he really isn’t striking me as a good lead character for this series. At the very least, this episode wasn’t as bad as the previous one. Grade: Enjoyable.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “This was a good episode for showing us more about the state of the world. It’s hard for people who have had their lives disrupted by the loss of Fractale support and even harder depending on what group of Lost Millennium they might run into. I’m curious to see where Clain might end up next.” – Xebek’s Blog
  • “Overall, this was an okay episode. The show likes to show things in an indirect manner sometimes, but I hope the series will start getting into why the Fractale system is collapsing and significance of Phryne and Nessa.” – A Product of Wasted Time
  • “Quite honestly, I can’t help but be disappointed with this episode. While last week’s episode had at least a bit of character development with Phryne and Nessa, this one felt like it was exclusively filler. There isn’t much progress in the main story at all, with the plot losing a lot of the momentum that it had not too long ago. Grade: 3.6/5.” – Emory Anime Club

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