Anime Review: Asobi ni Iku yo OVA

Anime Review:
Asobi ni Iku yo OVA

What this is about: Watching all of the anime shows so you don’t have to! — I’m taking a look at the first episode of every show from the Spring 2011 anime season that has been subtitled, and giving it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. For more information about me and my reviews, click here.

Series Premise: Asobi ni Iku yo, or “Let’s Go Play”, alternately titled “Bombshells from the Sky” or “Cat Planet Cuties”, was a 12-episode harem anime series that aired in 2010, based on a long-running light novel series. One day, an alien cat-girl falls into Kio’s life. Soon, he finds himself surrounded by all kinds girls and cat-eared aliens. In June 2011, a one-episode OVA special was released based on the series.

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ep. tl;dr review: Boy surrounded by all sorts of women as they play games; Pretty much textbook example of “harem anime”.

Episode Summary: Eris has decided to try and sample all of Earth’s games, as Kio engages in a day-long series of some of the more popular games, including cards, Monopoly, Twister, and more. Various other girls in Kio’s life also take place in the competition, and they decide to spice things up by offering up various prizes for winning including some potentially-compromising material. Eventually things get out of hand, and soon all the girls are involved in a rock-paper-scissors stripping contest, where Kio ends up in a room of buck-naked girls.

My Reaction: I’ll admit that I was so bored by this that I literally fell asleep at some parts in the middle, so I’m not 100% sure of the details of the story or the plot. Nor do I care to go back and figure it out, because it doesn’t really matter. Jeez – if a harem anime show where a “lucky” boy ends up surrounded by a passel of naked women ends up being so boring that I end up drifting off to sleep, you know it has to be bad.

I had already already watched the first episode of the regular series about a year ago, and it was so awful that it barely lost out in the competition for the “worst show of the season”, tied with Strike Witches 2 and losing to Sengoku Basara 2. This OVA does absolutely nothing to assuage my opinion, and is the perfect example of what a “harem anime” is all about. I have a particular hatred for the genre to begin with, and the very best of the genre I can tolerate…and that’s only when it’s only incidental to the story itself. But in this case, the harem itself is pretty much the whole reason for the series to exist. It’s nothing more than Forever Alone wanker material, as the sexually-denied viewer can imagine themselves in the place of Kio, having his pick with every type of woman (and, er, cat-eared alien woman) imaginable. Asobi ni Iku yo has no redeeming characteristics whatsoever.

But in happier news…this is the very last of the Spring 2011 shows!, appearing just days before the cut-off point in the middle of June. Now it’s time to finally finally finally move forward to my quick recap of the Spring Season, then move on to the Summer shows (only two-plus months after they started. sigh). “Forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!”

The verdict:

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    • “I wasn’t expecting much of a plot or anything exciting to up the rating for this particular OVA. But knowing the genre of the original anime I was sure that I was going to get a generous spoonful of service along with plot equivalent to that of food bought at your regular convenience store because your mother couldn’t fix you something better to eat. That Spoon full of service? Well… I could tell its the same spoon God uses to eat his frosted flakes because it was fucking huge and the service was epic. Grade: 8/10.” – My Anime List Reviews
    • “If you view the purpose of OVAs as a chance to ramp up the fanservice above what you can get away with on TV, then this one will certainly find your sweet spot…As with everything else this show does there’s nothing offensive about it at all – unless you hate gratuitous fanservice. It’s pointless, very silly, and occasionally funny.” – Lost in America


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  • Coming up next: Round One Finished! It’s time for the Spring 2011 Round One Wrap-Up, followed by the Summer 2011 Season Preview!

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    Like the boobs. They look like mine!!!

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