Anime Review: Gosick Episode 5

Anime Review:
Gosick Episode 5

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Series Premise: Gosick is a 24-part weekly television series that began airing in January 2011, based on a light novel series by Fujimi Shobo. Kazuya is a young exchange student who arrives at a European academy in 1924, where he meets with the diminutive but brilliant recluse Victorique. Together, they solve the impossible-to-solve mysteries, with the help of the local inspector.

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ep. tl;dr review: Avril impostor attempts to drive a wedge between Kazuya and Victorique; Fortune smiles on the Golden Fairy.

Episode Summary: Kazuya remains skeptical of Avril, and with Victorique’s help they uncover a book she was hiding, containing a mysterious postcard. Meanwhile, Avril sows doubt in Kazuya’s mind about Victorique, comparing her to a malevolent Golden Fairy in an old fairy tale. Putting the string of clues together, Victorique determines that Avril is really an impostor, the successor to a legendary thief who has taken Avril’s place. Kazuya and Grevil find the real Avril, while the impostor confronts Victorique to recover the postcard, Kazuya then confronts her…unsuccessfully so it is up to Victorique to come to his rescue.

My Impressions: I was able to figure out the importance of the postcard pretty quickly, but only a philatelist would have noticed the Penny Black on the corner (which, in reality, is not really a rare and especially valuable stamp — it’s just the *first* one). Even so, it was a really thin line of evidence that led Victorique to her correct conclusion. Either her deductive skills are truly amazing, or the story just too far-fetched to think someone can put together a string of clues like that some seamlessly. I could go either way.

In any case, if you’re watching Gosick for the brilliance of the mysteries, then you’re probably going to come away a bit disappointed. What is truly worth watching is the budding relationship growing between the unapproachable Golden Fairy locked away in the high tower, and the Black Reaper who arrives in the Spring. It is interesting how the False Avril was able to plant the seeds of doubt about Victorique’s very existence through metaphorically comparing her to an old character in a fairy tale (even when such an idea is impossible). But that which does not break you makes you stronger, and it seems Kazuya and Victorique’s uneasy relationship is reaffirmed, and it’s on to the next adventure. Now if we could only get Grevil to cheer up, drill-head’s no fun when he’s all serious and mopey.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Probably not as exciting as Queen Berry’s action packed arc, the Kuiaran arc was still pretty good. Having several underlying plots running besides the main mystery kept it interesting, and while they could have executed it with more “fluidity” or coherence, BONES.. lol. Let’s just say I’m satisfied. ” – Random Curiosity
  • “This little arc wasn’t as good as the Queen Berry incident, but it wasn’t bad. A kind of a step back since after being on the Queen Berry it makes little sense for Kujo to doubt Victorique’s existence. You’d think this would have been a good thing to throw in after their first meeting, but before going onto the boat. Still it wasn’t bad and we’ll get back into the good stuff next week.” – Xebek’s Blog
  • “Nothing else to say really. The mystery… wasn’t. Avril was the culprit all along, so Bones confirmed that yes, the writing really is that bad. Kazuya sucked so hard that it may have created a vacuum effect on all other Friday shows. At least this ‘arc’ is over at a blissfully short two episodes.” – Tenka Seiha
  • “Erm, weak conclusion much? The mystery that they were building up to around Avril turned out rather disappointing, though I’ll admit that they did keep me guessing as to who she was until the end…That being said, what I did enjoy about this episode was seeing the interactions between Kujo and Victorique, where it’s pretty obvious that they are gradually starting to get along much better. Grade: 3.7/5” – Emory Anime Club

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