Anime Review: Yumekui Merry Episode 5

Anime Review:
Yumekui Merry Episode 5

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Series Premise: Yumekui Merry, a.k.a. “Dream Eater Merry” is a 13-part weekly television series that aired between January and April 2011, based on fantasy manga series by Ushiki Yoshitaka. Since an event ten years ago, Yumeji has had the ability to see others’ auras and predict their dreams, but has also been tormented with the same dream involving cats. One day a dream demon named Merry falls on top of him; and while she searches for her own way back to the world of dreams and nightmares, they must also prevent nightmares’ attempts to enter the waking life of the real world.

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ep. tl;dr review: Shopping trip turns into daydream fight; Merry left in paralyzing doubt.

Episode Summary: Merry settles in to her new life in the real world, and joins Yumeji on a trip to the grocery store. There, they meet a girl named Yui, who is actually a vessel for a dream demon named Enri. They invoke a daydream, drawing Merry and Yumeji inside, where Enri quizzes Merry about someone named Pharos before attacking her. While fighting, Merry learns from Enri that once trapped in the real world you can never return to the dream world, and Merry infers that all the demons she has “sent back” have actually simply been killed. Questioning her own actions, Merry cannot move, forcing Yumeji to step into the battle, where he is gravely wounded.

My Impressions: All this time (revealed in the episode to be ten years) that Merry has been on the ground fighting dream demons, she has taken comfort in the fact that she has been sending them back to the dream world, even if she herself cannot follow. But in one moment (if Enri is to be believed and trusted), Merry learns the sordid truth: she hasn’t been saving them, she has been killing them. Yeah, I would be shocked to my core as well.

I am sort of curious as to where the show is going to go from here, now that the one hope that Merry has been holding onto for so long has been yanked away from her — not to mention the stated direction of the series itself. I suppose the most predictable course of action will be for Merry to mope around, try to come to terms with this new reality, feeling all guilty as hell over Yumeji’s injury. I hope it’s not as simple as that, and I have to wonder if Enri is being truthful. Plus we have hints of some bad guys in John Doe and Pharos and such that have only been lightly mentioned so far, so there’s still ground to cover. In any case, at least now *something* has finally happened to break out of the wash-rinse-repeat cycle the show fell into the first four episodes.

If I did have one request, I would hope that the animators would stop trying to be all arty-farty and self-important with their creative animation stylings. Sometimes it works, but other times it just distracts from being able to pay attention to the story itself.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “This is getting good, and I’m really hoping I won’t get deceived again during the next few episodes. Ok, I’ll admit it, the fight was still pretty pathetic, and most of the episode wasn’t that great. However, the predictableness of the latest episodes wasn’t there as much, and the end had such a great plot twist that I’m really curious as to how this’ll go.” – Angry Anime Bitches
  • “The way the episode played out was better done than the last episode, and they really did reveal a lot about things, giving some nice needed tension that actually fits in the constant depressing atmosphere the show keeps heavily pushing. Yumeji also continues to prove to be the best male character to grace my screens this season, and I seriously wish other mains would be more like him.” – Random Curiosity
  • “This was EXACTLY what I was hoping for when I started this series. Sure, the story started off with a number of cliches and all, but this was a really emotional episode that did just about everything right. Grade: Awesome.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “The bigger issue here is that the new angel girl is seemingly the good guy, which puts Yumeji and Merry (the main characters) kind of in the bad guy situation. This revelation by itself is rather surprising, even if Yumeji and Merry don’t see themselves as bad guys. I guess this is just a case of unknowingly being on the wrong side. Grade: 4.1/5.” – Emory Anime Club

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