Anime Review: Durarara Episode 25

Anime Review:
Durarara Episode 25

What this is about: Watching all of the anime shows so you don’t have to! While I have already finished off my year-end review of 2010 anime shows, there are a handful of shows that have become available in the past few months. For more information about me and my reviews, click here.

Series Premise: Durarara (or DRRR!) is 24-episode anime series that debuted in January 2010, based on a light novel series by Ryohgo Narita. Featuring a large ensemble cast, Durarara follows Mikado Ryuugamine as he starts his new life in the big city with his best friend, Masaomi Kida. There always seems to be something happening in the busy Ikeburuko District, whether it is internecine gang warfare, or the latest sighting of the legendary headless motorcycle rider. A special 25th episode was released as a DVD extra in March 2011.

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ep. tl;dr review: Special live lovey-dovey television program in Ikebukuro goes horribly awry; Run-of-the-mill Durarara episode for the fans.

Episode Summary: I’m lifting the summary completely from Wikipedia, because I’m too lazy to write my own right now: Yuuhei hosts a show searching for the loveliest couple in Ikebukuro, the winner of which gets to appear in one of his movies. As Mikado and Anri go to the movies together, hoping to clear everything up between them, they are interviewed by Yuuhei. A guy with a knife tries to attack Yuuhei, but he is stopped by Shizuo, who is also being hounded by Izaya’s sisters wanting to meet Yuuhei. Shizuo then encounters Izaya, who arranged for the attack, and enters a huge fight with him which escalates throughout Ikebukuro, prompting Celty to move into action. As the fighting escalates, several smaller fights break out, forcing Celty to use her powers to stop everyone.

My Reaction: How much do I like Durarara? Enough that I gave it a solid A grade, pushing it to the #1 slot in my list of top anime for 2010. So hey, what’s one more episode, right?

When all is said and done, it’s really just another episode of the series, another day in the life of Ikeburuko, where anything and everything can happen…and does. They managed to cram pretty much every single character into this one episode (and with over two dozen featured characters, that says quite a bit), and even went so far as to introduce two totally brand new characters, Izaya’s cute little twin sisters running around in cat-eared sweatshirts. Other than that, this episode did not break any new ground or add anything new to the series. The same conflicts (re: Heiwajima, Shizuo) are still around, the same tensions (re: Anri, Mikado) are just as awkward. Really, this is just one for the fans — and that’s all it was ever intended to be in the first place.

Makes me wonder, though, with new characters being introduced at this late juncture, if that portends the possibility of a second season? After all, it’s not as if anything was really fully resolved — it just screams for more stories. Well…one can hope, in any case. I would be honestly surprised if a new season (or movie, or OVA specials) were not around the corner in the next year or so.

The verdict:

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    • “What a tease! Its been so long since I’ve seen Durarara!! and this episode was a huge reminder of why I loved the series so much. In many ways, this episode felt like either a Season 2 Episode 1, or the real ending to the series. There were some new characters introduced, but the plot was largely the same, with everyone doing what they generally do. Grade: A+.” – Anime Evo
    • “Instead, whenever this episode had the chance it would show different characters, cleverly using Shizuo’s brother who was doing a live report and finally giving him the chance to show off his acting. This episode was full of these little details and subtle characterizations that ere also prevalent during the first half of the TV-series. Grade: Good.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
    • “Durarara is back with another DVD-only episode, this one a postscript to the events of the series. And it hearkens back to the first (and better) half of the TV series, with multiple subplots running at the same time and a heavy emphasis on humor.” – Lost in America
    • “I can’t say, the first special wasn’t brilliant but comparing the two, this is EPICER, most probably just because it had more Shizuo-craziness. Also, the chase, which you can never go wrong!” – Metanorn
    • “Once again it was great to see the characters again and as an extra episode this was definitely a fun one, providing a chance for Kasuka to show just why he was in the second opening theme and giving Shizuo and Izaya a chance for what could be their last fight in a while.” – Gin no Dangan

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