Anime Review: Senjou no Valkyria 3 Episode 1

Anime Review:
Senjou no Valkyria 3: Unrecorded Chronicles Episode 1

What this is about: Watching all of the anime shows so you don’t have to! — I’m taking a look at the first episode of every show from the Spring 2011 anime season that has been subtitled, and giving it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. For more information about me and my reviews, click here.

Series Premise: Senjou no Valkyria 3: Unrecorded Chronicles is a two-part Original Video Animation based on the video game of the same name, with the first episode released in April 2011. In an alternate-reality mid-twentieth century Europe, a group of deserting soldiers known as “The Nameless” try to avoid conflict between two armies fighting over a rare mineral known as Ragnite.

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ep. tl;dr review: Lost squadron saves a village; Boring military anime show.

Episode Summary: In another version of Europe, two great powers are fighting over control of a power-producing mineral known as ragnite, leading to the Second European War. A cast-out squadron of soldiers from the Gallian Army known as “The Nameless” finds themselves pinned down in a small village, but manages to slip away into the forest. One of the soldiers comes across a little girl who has escaped from a nearby town that is being occupied by enemy forces, and the squad decides to help them, retaking the town in a short skirmish. After a rest and resupply, they come across a fleeing soldier from the 7th Squad of Gallian army, who pleads for help.

My Reaction: Forgive me if I got the plot all mixed up or details of the setting wrong. Might have something to do with the fact that this is an adaptation of the *third* video game in the Valkyria Chronicles saga, and there has already been 26 episodes of an anime series before this, back in 2009 — and I don’t know any of it. This anime has lots and lots of characters and a very well developed back-story — yet attempting to read the various online descriptions to write up this quick review just leaves me more confused.

Needless to say, this OVA series is definitely for someone already well familiar with the Valkyria Chronicles. But even without explanation, I got the gist of the show: a small group of soldiers seeking redemption in a war-torn land.

Perhaps I am being unfair, but what really bothered me during viewing this was how unrealistic all the military stuff was. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s based on a frickin’ video game made into an anime set in a fantasy world with a mystical energy source, should I really expect realistic military action? It’s just when it tries to be all grim and gritty and self-important there’s this annoying disconnect. The uniforms are laughable, including ornate detailing and flair, corsets and mini-skirts…I’m sure all the battle fashionistas are wearing them to the front this fall! A huge combination sword/gun bigger than the soldier herself? Uh…yeah. Let’s engage in two big skirmishes, yet every Nameless soldier emerges from battle without a scratch. Seriously?

Don’t know what’s really going on, and frankly, I don’t care. I’ll leave this one to the dedicated fans, for whom it is designed anyway.

The verdict:

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  • The Blog-Roll of Reviews:
    • “Despite this being an OVA to advertise and promote Valkyria Chronicles 3′s game, I think they could have done a better job explaining the circumstances of what’s going on for those who haven’t played the game yet or familar with Valkyria Chronicles in general. Also the animation quality was quite disappointing considering since A-1 Pictures had also done the original Valkyria Chronicles and didn’t do good job for this one.” – Angry Anime Bitches
    • “Ah, what a shame. This one was really disappointing. I have to give credits for the creators in the way that they did make their main characters far, FAR less annoying than the characters of the TV-series… but they’re completely flat. Grade: 7.25/10.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog


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2 Responses to Anime Review: Senjou no Valkyria 3 Episode 1

  1. Alain says:

    Ah! Here you are! I’ve been neglecting LJ for the last two months, given some frustrating technical difficulties they’re going through. And here’s were you moved! And here’s you giving a warning about a boring military animé that you’ve watched so that I wouldn’t have to. So thank you, because otherwise I would have been tempted to watch . Tanks often get my attention, a bit too much . Unfortunately, even with your helpful reviews I have a feeling that I’ll never see a tank – oriented animé as fun as “Those Who Hunt Elves”.

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