Anime Review: Yumekui Merry Episode 4

Anime Review:
Yumekui Merry Episode 4

What this is about: Watching all of the anime shows so you don’t have to! Shows from the Winter 2011 Season that received a “thumbs-up” review after the first, second and third episodes now advance to the fourth round. For more information about me and my reviews, click here.

About the series: Yumekui Merry, a.k.a. “Dream Eater Merry” is a 13-part weekly television series that aired between January and April 2011, based on fantasy manga series by Ushiki Yoshitaka. Since an event ten years ago, Yumeji has had the ability to see others’ auras and predict their dreams, but has also been tormented with the same dream involving cats. One day a dream demon named Merry falls on top of him; and while she searches for her own way back to the world of dreams and nightmares, they must also prevent nightmares’ attempts to enter the waking life of the real world. More about the series: Wikipedia Entry.

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ep. tl;dr review: Yumeji and Merry defeat another nightmare demon; Wash, rinse, repeat.

Episode Summary: Mei, the president of Yumeji’s school club, has been happily exchanging text messages with a mysterious man. Yumeji invites Merry to karaoke while Isana tries to make friends with a reticent exchange student. The next day Mei meets up with Yumeji, but she is acting weird and Yumeji realizes she’s been possessed by a nightmare demon. Merry and Yumeji enter the dream world to save Mei and dispose of the demon, and Merry finally decides to accept Yumeji’s help.

My Impressions: Fourth verse, same as the first…

This episode is pretty much a repeat of what has gone one before, except this time it is hitting closer to home as Mei is possessed (rather than some stranger). There’s not a whole lot going that is new here, except that the stubborn, hard-headed Merry finally realizes she needs help from Yumeji, whether she likes it or not. Seriously, her intransigence was bordering on the annoying. Also, there was a side-story of Isana making friends with some new student, doesn’t really mean anything by itself but I’m sure she’ll play some sort of important role in the future.

Meh – I’ve gotten used to the somewhat unusual camera angles and skewed shot (as if the director is trying to be more artsy-fartsy than his/her talent allows), and some of the standard anime quirks. Yumekui Merry is certainly not breaking new ground or going to win any awards, but it’s a light fantasy diversion; I think I’m probably going to stick around for the full ride. I just wish they would stop dicking around with the introductions and set-up and move the story past the first chapter already.

The verdict:

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The Blog-Roll of Reviews:

  • “I dove into this series hoping for something pretty complex, but when you really take a look at it, it’s all just pseudo deep. Preaching about dreams and hopes, love, and the human condition? Why don’t you show me some scenes where I actually feel these values shine through the characters, rather than feeling like you plagiarized it out of a general psychology book, and then we’ll talk. The slow pacing doesn’t help either. Try harder next week Merry.” – Random Curiosity
  • “While I am kind of wishing for the main plot to get started already, this somewhat slow-paced buildup is setting a rather solid foundation for what is to come. The theme of blurring the boundary between dreams and reality is quite well represented here, but I do get some worries on how well future episodes will be executed. Grade: 3.7/5.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “What makes these random scenes so good in this show is that they always manage to relate it back to the characters and themes, so that none of it is really pointless. It’s also good to have these kinds of scenes, as the characters of Merry were in dire need of some more variation in their personalities, and this episode gave it to them. Grade: Excellent.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “Meh. I’m losing interest, fast. However, I can still find some good points in that show that doesn’t make me wanna throw it as far as I can only to stop blogging it afterwards.” – Angry Anime Bitches


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