Fear in Loathing in San Antonio

Dear Livejournal:  I’ve been posting regularly to you for the past eight years, but in the past year things seem to have gone downhill precipitously.  You’re just no longer reliable, with lengthy periods of time when you or down or under attack, and the days of five-nines uptime reliability is but a faint memory.

With the most recent “Sorry, we’re down!” hiccup over the past day, that may be the final straw for me.  Looks like it may be time to finally migrate away from Livejournal.  I’ve stuck with you for close to a decade, from the days of furious growth when Livejournal was King of Blogland, to now when the amount of daily traffic is but a small whisper of the glory days.

So: Hello, WordPress.  I think I am going to start posting my various “Anime Review” blogposts here instead.  Starting with importing over the older articles from the previous year one-by-one, that’s going to take some time.  With any luck, WordPress will not have as many administrative problems as Livejournal has been experiencing.


Oh, that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning Livejournal completely.  I’ll still be around there for some time, mainly because there’s a bunch of media feeds that I keep track over there.  But if they can’t guarantee reliability, then I cannot guarantee my support.

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