Anime Review Final Thoughts: Sora no Woto (final)

Originally published and formatted for Livejournal on 3/24/11:

Anime Review Final Thoughts:
Sora no Woto

What this is about: Wrapping up the very last of the 2010 anime shows that I have watched. Rather than in-depth reviews with lots of pictures, here’s just a few quick thoughts to finish up everything before I move on to 2011. Just get it all out of the way, already!

My Thoughts: Oh, the wasted potential! When this show was first announced, it was snarkily referred to as “K-On Joins the Army”. Well, they are *half* right, at least. Sora no Woto turned out to be two incompatible shows: One part was the wacky, meaningless every-day hijinks that you would find in lighthearted comedy shows like K-On. However, there was another part of Sora no Woto, a darker, more interesting side that had tragic undertones of a group of happy-go-lucky girls living in the twilight age of humanity on a dying planet.

If the show weighed more heavily towards the later and eschewed the former, then I would heartily give this show a thumbs-up. However, they delved on inconsequential, non-plot-related cutesy stuff far too often, and it was more of a frustrating distraction than anything else. Oh, the show had its moments – if it stuck to the tone that was portrayed in the second episode (when the two girls were exploring the abandoned ruins of the former high school in their military gear, not understanding what it really was, spooked by the ghosts of the past), I would have been a happy camper. Instead, I’m treated to an entire episode where the big joke ends up being the main character in a frilly dress who desperately has to pee but can’t leave her post. Bwuh?

Well, actually, let me backtrack a bit. If Sora no Woto had decided to be a silly light-hearted slice-of-life comedy a la “K-On Joins the Army”, that would have been fine as well. It’s not a show I would have liked to watch, but it would have been more successful if it chose between light and dark storylines rather than inexpertly trying to lump the two together.

FINAL SERIES GRADE: C+ – Ultimately disappointing. The grand backstory and dying world around the characters is actually more interesting than the small microcosm of the girls themselves. If there was more of that, and less of the small-time comedy I’d rate this higher.

What’s Up Next: Final thoughts and final grades on Katanagatari and Durarara.

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