Anime Review: Beelzebub OVA

(Originally published and formatted for Livejournal on 3/6/11)

Anime Review:
Beelzebub Special

What this is about: I made the promise that I would review every new subtitled anime show (excluding blatant yaoi and/or porn) released during the Spring, Summer and Fall 2010 seasons, so now I am going back to review a handful of shows that I missed over the past few months for one reason or another. This time around, it’s Beelzebub, a 30-minute one-shot special original video animation released on October 23, 2010.

tl;dr review: Juvenile delinquent finds demon baby; must raise and care for Baby Beel or he dies.

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Episode Summary: Oga Tatsumi has a reputation as being the strongest juvenile delinquent at Ishiyama High, a school filled with nothing but no-good delinquents. One day he finds a baby floating down the river, and this baby instantly becomes attached to him. Soon he learns it is actually Beelzebub, the infant son of a great demon king who will one day take over the world. Along with the guidance of the demon-maiden Hilda and his best-friend Furuichi, he must care for Beelzebub, or he will be shocked to death. The only way out? If he is able to find someone stronger and meaner than him, perhaps Beelzebub will gravitate to that person instead.

My Thoughts: Basically, this is a prequel to the regular 2011 anime series — an introduction to set up the show and present the main characters. And it does that quite well, as Oga goes around beating up ever-increasingly-badass students in an attempt to find someone stronger than himself. He even manages to flummox (what I assume will become) his future love interest, the most badass *female* delinquent in the school. As for Beelzebub, well, he’s just a little baby crawling everywhere with his dangly bits all over the place, and one mean electric charge. As a one-shot special, this is all well and good, but I wonder if the high-powered silly hijinks can be maintained for an entire season of shows. I am intrigued enough to look forward to the weekly series in 2011, but worry this type of humor could get tiring before long.

The verdict:

The last of the un-reviewed 2010 shows, I swear!: Detective Conan OVA: Kid in Trap Island

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