Anime Review: Shinryaku Ika Musume Episodes 10, 11, and 12 (final)

(Originally published and formatted for Livejournal on 2/12/11)

Anime Summary Review: Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episodes 10, 11, and 12 (finale)

Rather than the longer reviews with all sorts of pictures and such, this is just a quick summary review. For a series that I’ve already been watching for several episodes, there’s not much of a reason to go into much detail. At this point in the series, you’re either still watching it (so you already know what’s going on and a long detailed run-down of everything is not really needed), or don’t care. So, without further ado:

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episode 10 – Ika Musume proves to have quite a talent for artwork, but her depictions of everyone proves to be a bit too uncanny. Sanae tries to improve her relationship with Ika Musume by going cold turkey, but forsaking her love is harder than she thought. When the little league baseball team is a member short, Ika Musume fills in.
My thoughts: While Ika Musume is generally clueless, it seems her tentacles can do just about *anything* – including art! Some her drawings were hilarious, others were downright scary. And speaking of scary, apparently there’s nothing scarier than someone who is obsessed with someone else…unless it’s that same person trying to kick the habit. Someone get that girl a shrink!
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Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episode 11 – Ika Musume uncovers an extremely creepy doll from Eiko’s childhood. The MIT Moron Trio turns their attention to Chizuru, wondering if she’s really an alien. Everyone goes on a hike to the top of the mountains.
My thoughts: Seriously now, that has to be the creepiest dolls I’ve seen, made only creepier by the years of non-use and the fact they still move on their own. Eeeee, cripes. And, of course, leave it to Ika Musume to turn a nice afternoon hike into a real chore.
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Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episode 12 – Ika Musume and Eiko join a volleyball tournament to win a 3-D television, but shrimp on the 3-D screen is not all that Ika Musume imagined. Suddenly one day, Ika Musume’s tentacles stop working, as well as all her other squid abilities. When they don’t return, everyone suggests she return to the sea to restore herself, expecting Ika Musume to come right back. But when she doesn’t return immediately, they realize how much they miss her. Months pass, and Ika Musume returns…with her tentacles shorn, and she tries to carry on as a normal girl. But when Eiko is caught in a giant whirlpool, Ika Musume’s tentacles grow back and she saves her.
My thoughts: The first part with the volleyball tournament was just another quick sketch, the true meat of the episode was the series finale with Ika Musume heading back to the sea. Poor little Ika Musume, always so confident and assured, reduced to nothing more than a *normal* girl. But no matter, a quick dip in the sea and she’ll be back as good as new…except that doesn’t quite happen. It was a bit of a downer to see them closing up shop for the winter, Ika Musume nowhere in sight, only to return the following spring as a shadow of her former self. Ah, but you know they couldn’t leave it at that, all it takes is to put Eiko into mortal danger to have Ika Musume come roaring back, the same gregarious person she was before. The end!
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Series Final Grade: A- Possibly the best series of the season, it was a comedy that managed to consistently get me to actually laugh out loud once per episode. The story itself is hardly groundbreaking (the old “fish out of water” story, literally speaking, or “stranger in a strange land”), but they handled it quite deftly without resorting to toilet humor that so many other shows seem to thrive upon. Hopefully they might get around to doing a special or two in the future.

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