Anime Review: Honey Tokyo Special

(Originally published and formatted for Livejournal on 1/29/11)

Anime Review:
Honey Tokyo

What this is about: I made the promise that I would review every new subtitled anime show (excluding blatant yaoi and/or porn) released during the Spring, Summer and Fall 2010 seasons, so now I am going back to review a handful of shows that I missed over the past few months for one reason or another. This time around, it’s Honey Tokyo, a special animated short produced by Studio 4oC for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government released on April 1st, 2010.

tl;dr review: Time-traveler arrives to save the future; Tokyo resident shows visitor around town.

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Episode Summary: An advertising video created by the tourism board in Tokyo to help promote the city (also available dubbed in several languages). An emotionless woman from the future arrives in present-day Tokyo and abducts a man off the street. She explains to him that she must save the future, and then takes him all over the city as she tries to soak up the color (literally) and happiness of Tokyo and take it back to her time. He then takes control and shows her the *real* Tokyo, the sights and sounds and events on the ground with the people, the simple delights and major attractions alike. After a day around town, she then understands to true nature of the city, completely happy.

My Thoughts: Hey, it’s a tourism video in anime form! Not exactly a story per se, but it gets the job done, in only a way that Japan can do it (with anime!) The original designs by Studio 4oC are always interesting, and I could see this turning into a series of video shorts that take a closer look at the various districts or specific attractions, or certain activities. Hey, why not use one of the nation’s national treasures (animation) to show off other national treasures, eh?

The verdict:

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