Anime Review: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episodes 7, 8, and 9

(Originally published and formatted on Livejournal on 1/7/11)

Anime Summary Review: Soredemo Machi wa Wamatteiru Episodes 7, 8, and 9

Rather than the longer reviews with all sorts of pictures and such, this is just a quick summary review. For a series that I’ve already been watching for several episodes, there’s not much of a reason to go into much detail. At this point in the series, you’re either still watching it (so you already know what’s going on and a long detailed run-down of everything is not really needed), or don’t care. So, without further ado:

Soredemo Episode 7 – Hotori and Sonoda take the day off, ditching class to run all over town doing, essentially, nothing. Later, Hotori’s little brother is hopped up on goofballs and can’t get to sleep, so the two of them sneak out of the house for a secret night on the town.
My thoughts: Poor Sonoda, both in his private little heaven by just being at Hotori’s side, yet simultaneously in his own private little hell when she is totally oblivious to how smitten he is with her, and he’s also too cowardly to say anything. Then there’s Hotori being a slightly mischievous older sister by playing Little Miss Delinquent with her brother; nothing special, really, but it’s that sort of everyday stuff that sibling bonds are made of. Overall, though, this was a little bit of a crap episode, not very interesting in the end.
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Soredemo Episode 8 – Tatsuno, Hotori and Futaba are caught in a sudden downpour, and decide to dry off in a laundromat. Setting the naughtiness of stripping down to their skivvies aside, they are more fascinated by coin-operated vending machines. Later, Futaba secures a spot on stage at the high school festival, and enlists the unlikely help of the other girls to form a Maid Band.
My thoughts: Um, so is it no a *requirement* that every high school anime show involve a musical band number? Granted, it’s not as blatant a Haruhi rip-off as Angel Beat did in their first episode, and it was more of a nod-and-a-wink towards the ridiculousness of forming a band with a violin…and accordion. Also, would anyone you know dare to purchase something like a cheeseburger or a hot sandwich from a vending machine? I know Japanese vending machines are notorious for some of their extreme choices, but there’s a fairly limited number of pre-packaged food products I would feel safe attempting from a sketchy vending machine.
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Soredemo Episode 9 – Tatsuno and Buck-Toothed Ugly Girl get involved in a serious ping-pong match, getting the notice of the boys in the gym. Of course, the boys could care less about the sport itself, and are fixated on more…jiggly…objects. Later, Shizuka the antiques dealer is given a delicious snack, and she goes on a mission to find more. Her journey leads to nothing but dead-ends, despite traveling far and asking many people. Turns out the man who gave her the snack was a time-traveler who was planting the seeds of his favorite snack, so when he returned back to his time it could be found everywhere.
My thoughts: The second half of this episode was more like one of those “Happy Ending” Twilight Zone episodes from the Sixties, with one of those light-hearted twists at the end that makes you smile just a bit. I am thinking perhaps SoreMachi is best when it goes by this formula. Slice-of-life comedy can be very hit-or-miss, but the slightly surreal comedy bits seem to work well.
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The Verdict: – Pleasant but nothing special.

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