Anime Review: Super Street Fighter IV OVA

(Originally published on Livejournal on 11/19/10)

Anime Review:
Super Street Fighter IV OVA

What this is about: I made the promise that I would review every new subtitled anime show (excluding blatant yaoi and/or porn) released during the Spring and Summer 2010 seasons, so now I am going back to review a handful of shows that I missed over the past few months for one reason or another. This time around, it’s Super Street Fighter IV, an original video animation (OVA) released on April 28th in conjunction with the video game of the same name.

tl;dr review: Juri wipes the floor with Chun Li; Cammy and Guile go after her, and she opens up a can of whup-ass on them as well.

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Episode 1 Summary: Juri Han is implanted with a glowing red eye that gives her unimaginable power. So now, instead of just being a “psychopathic bitch from Hell”, she is now a “psychopathic bitch from Hell that can do whatever the fuck she wants”. After attacking your friendly neighborhood amusement park, Chun-Li, Cammy and Dolph Lundgren (er…Guile) are sent in to assess the situation. Chun-Li finds her first, and Juri handily flays her within an inch of her life. Juri retreats for maintenance on her new-found toy and to act all Chaotically Evil and shit, while Chun-Li is rushed to the hospital. Juri is then sent on a new mission to subdue and capture the twelve Bison Dolls bodyguards; Cammy and Dolph Lundgren rush out to confront her. Juri sweeps through and defeats all the bodyguards without breaking a sweat, and then faces off against Dolph Lundgren, who gets thrown around like a rag doll. Then it’s Cammy’s turn to be beaten up and thrown off a plane to the ground thousands of feet below, as an evil, cackling Juri heads off to her next bit of fun. Mwuh-ha-ha-ha!

My Thoughts: First of all, while the Street Fighter franchise may be one of the most successful video game series of all time, I don’t give a flying patootie about the video game, so I’m only vaguely familiar with the back-story. I recognize Chun-Li, and Guile, and Cammy, but as for stuff like “Bison Dolls” or “S.I.N.”, forget about it.

Let’s be perfectly clear: This one-off anime is nothing more than a promotional video for the game, designed to do nothing more than offer up some back-story and set-up for the game play. As such, it is targeted with a pretty narrow focus on that subset of fans that are already fans of the video game. That ain’t me. I found the whole thing pretty over-the-top ridiculous, with about as much subtlety as nine-figure explosion-filled Hollywood disaster by Uwe Boll. The animation was nothing special, they managed to make the characters distinctly unattractive, the acting was pretty awful. Avoid, unless you’re a hard-core Street Fighter fanboy, in which case all hope is already lost for you anyway.

The Verdict: …Game Over.

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One Response to Anime Review: Super Street Fighter IV OVA

  1. evo4teen says:

    Wow, horrible review. This anime was great. You just suck. Learn2anime, noob.

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