Anime Review: Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 3

(Originally published on Livejournal on 11/3/10)

Anime Review Second Chance:
Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 3

I am picking one show from the previous season that I gave a “thumbs-down” rating, and giving it a second chance. For the Spring season, I had chosen Senkou no Night Raid as my “second chance” pick, and in retrospect I probably should have left it in the dustbin. For the Summer season it’s slim pickings, but I finally settled on Shukufuku no Campanella as the rejected show that has the greatest chance of maintaining my interest.

Series Introduction: In a pink-and-blue-pastel fantasy world, in the bustling town of Eltaria, Leicester and his long-time friend Carina, both members of the Oasis Clan, begin their happy day. In short order they meet a travelling puppeteer named Agnes Boulange, a ravishing holy knight named Chelsea Arcot, and the neighborhood twins Ritos and Salsa Tortilla — and by the end of the day Leicester is surrounded by seven nubile women. They head up to the top of the church tower to observe the special meteor shower, when one of the meteors (composed of a special energy called Eru) strikes the tower. Leicester runs over to find out what happened, and stumbles across a cute female automaton, who awakens and calls him “Papa”.

Ep.3 tl;dr review: Quest to pick rainbow colored flowers; Leicester magically makes Carina’s cricket bat talk!

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Episode 3 Summary: Clan Oasis heads off on another quest to gather up a special glowing-rainbow flower. Carina and Leicester, flying around on her magical cricket bat, find the flowers, battle a rabid flying squirrel, pick up a big ruby crystal, and get caught up in a compromising position. Back home, Leicester explains he wants to use the crystal to help make Carina’s cricket bat speak. Working together, pulling an all-nighter they manager to infuse the cricket bat with consciousness, and it immediately embarrasses the two of them by bluntly talking about Leicester pining over Carina.

My Thoughts: My god, this series just gets *worse* as it goes along! The best adjective to describe this is “insipid” – I may have lost a few IQ points by trying to pay attention to the non-existent plot. It’s just Leicester and his merry harem band of adventurers going off on happy quests, about as dangerous as a romp in the park. But there’s a disturbing element as well. About 90% of the show would be loved by an eight-year-old girl (or the emotional equivalent). But there are the occasionally incongruous nearly-erotic moments that seemed designed for the mouth-breathing otaku set (after all, the series originated as an ‘eroge’ video game). When I think about the type of person that would be attracted to that type of show…I just squirm a little.

The only mildly interesting bits are the comic relief side characters of Salsa and Rita Tortilla, doing their deadpan Laurel and Hardy routine. But other than that, this show is unsalvagable. I gave it an honest-to-goodness second chance, enough to realize my original decision to drop it was the right one.

The Verdict: – Deeeeeeeep hurting….

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