Anime Review: Yumeiro Patisserie Professional Episode 1

(Originally published on Livejournal on 10/29/10)

Anime Review in a Minute:
Yumeiro Patissiere Professional Episode 1

Anime Review in a Minute: What this is all about. — Watching all the anime shows so you don’t HAVE to!

tl;dr review: Pastry chef Ichigo Amano returns home to Japan to find her team divided; New team leads to new challenges and new opportunities.

The Skinny: After spending the last two years in Paris studying to be a top-notch pastry chef, sixteen-year-old Ichigo Amano is finally returning to school in Japan to continue pursuing her dream. But when she arrives, she soon learns that “Team Ichigo” has been broken up. Despondent at the sudden unexpected change, she meets the members of her new team and tries to move forward. She receives a mysterious invitation to the newly-built Marie’s Garden, a giant collection of boutique stores. There, she discovers that the other members of her new team have also received invitations, together they are challenged to create their dream sweets store on the main street.

My Thoughts: This is actually a sequel to a long-running series, where a younger Ichigo is a pastry protege who quickly learns the ropes and becomes a respected chef. And because there’s already an established back-story, in this episode I am bombarded with a dozen different characters that I know nothing about — it’s all quite confusing. Plus, throw in the little floating “Sweets Spirits” that each of the chefs have floating next to them like angel/devil consciences and I soon realize I don’t really know what’s going on. Even so, it was quite a serviceable intro episode, and the main theme of the series is already established, lots of characters introduced, and you can practically see the love triangles (or quadrangles?) forming.

Um, is it just me, or does anyone else get a really strong Kodocha no Omocha vibe from this show?

As for a recommendation, well…it sort of falls in the middle, neither good nor bad, so I’m somewhat conflicted. But to really do this show justice, you can’t really jump into the middle of the story (which is essentially what the first episode of this second season does), and I really ought to go back and start at the very beginning. That would mean a 50-episode commitment, that’s too much so I give it a pass. But it’s just a very slight thumbs-down, at least for me personally.

For more info:

Very long Mania Review:
Wikipedia Entry:
Opening video sequence:

The Verdict: – Missed it by >THAT< much.

The tally for Fall 2010 season first episodes so far:
Passing Grade: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, The World God Only Knows, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Psychic Detective Yakumo

Failing grade: MM!, Star Driver, Iron Man, Fortune Arterial, Motto To Love-ru, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Up Next (not necessarily in this order): To Aru Majutsu no Index 2, Bakuman, Yosuga no Sora, Arakawa Under the Bridge x2, Shinryaku Ika Musume, Sora No Otoshimono Forte, Tegami Bachi Reverse, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, Otome Yokai Zakuro, Kuragehime

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