Anime Review: Black Butler 2 Episode 3

(originally published on Livejournal on 8/28/10)

Anime Review:
Black Butler 2 Episode 3

Anime Review in a Minute: What this is all about – I watch the shows so you don’t HAVE to!

About the Series: In Victorian England, young, orphaned Ciel is the head of the Phantomhive Estate, but he’s no ordinary child. Ciel is bound to his butler, Sebastian, in a dark, supernatural contract. As the second season begins, we see there is a similar Faustian contract between the young Earl Alois and his impassive butler Claude — except Alois is truly psychopathic and mean-spirited. On a dark and stormy night, a stranger visits Alois’ manor with a large suitcase. It is soon revealed that the stranger is none other than Sebastian, and the suitcase contains the unconscious body of Ciel — and the second anime season begins with Ciel waking from his death/sleep.

ep.3 tl;dr review: Women are spontaneously combusting around London; Ciel and Sebastian are sent to investigate.

In this episode: Strange things are afoot in old London: women are bursting into flames, reduced to ash within seconds. The Queen sends Ciel and Sebastian to investigate, getting no help from Scotland Yard and a bottle of sparkly ashes from Sir-Laughs-a-Lot at the morgue. Their suspicions immediately fall upon the studio photographer that has taken pictures of all the loving couples. When they go to investigate, the studio is in flames, and the wife of the photographer (built like a tank) is running around mad with a camera device that can set anything aflame once it is sprinkled with magnesium oxide dust. They start the chase, and run afoul of the poofy Mr. Grell, an ecstatically over-the-top reaper of souls that has a hard-on for Sebastian. The corner the arsonist at the top of Big Ben, she explains the motive for her crime spree is because of her loveless marriage and jealousy of seeing all the happy couples, and that she was promised happiness by a mysterious unnamed person if she burned everything…just before she herself self-immolates.

My Thoughts: Looks like someone took the Stooopidity Dial and cranked it up to eleven. Wow, this episode was awful — offensively awful. I think the moment that illustrated the ridiculousness of this show is when the butler uses a fork, knife and spoon to stave off a *chainsaw* attack wielded by the world’s most ebullient poofter, the self-described “Mangosteen of Soul Reapers”. A chainsaw he later rides like a vehicle up the vertical face of Big Ben. Bwuh? This ain’t the gloomy and emo show as portrayed in the first episode; this ain’t the light comedy as portrayed in the second episode. Nope, this *has* to be a parody, nothing else can explain the relentless stooopidity.

Now I am wondering what I saw in this show in the first place. I’m outta here.

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The Verdict:

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