Anime Review: Mitsudomoe Episode 2

(Originally published on Livejournal on August 5, 2010)

Anime Review in a Minute:
Mitsudomoe Episode 2

Anime Review in a Minute: What this is all about.

About the Series: Any new teacher would have their hands full with a class of sixth-graders. But Yabe Satoshi is especially cursed with the Marui triplets, who are nothing less than a slice of hell on earth. Mitsuba is a hard-nosed sadist, while Futaba is a carefree pervert that loves martial arts, and Hitoha is the dark, foreboding mystery girl with her face hidden in books. Together, they cause all sorts of miniature disasters in the classroom.

ep.2 tl;dr review: Snot jokes, urine jokes, and lolicon blackmail; Mitsuba’s pride gets stuck hanging in a tree.

In this episode: Futaba catches a terrible cold, but she’s all out of tissue paper, oh noes whatever is she going to do? She sneezes and a huge gob of snot flies out to her teacher’s back, and ultimately gets spread around everywhere. Mitsuba goes to the nurse’s office because a bump on her head, and while there a bag of student urine samples get delivered. The nurse is extremely klutzy, slips and falls and urine goes flying everywhere, hilarity ensues. Over the weekend the teacher takes care of the class hamster, Nipples. Hitoha sneaks into his apartment, tricks him into recording him saying something that could be terribly misconstrued as pedophilia, and uses it to blackmail him, ha-ha. Mitsuba and Futaba are on a day out catching bugs in the park. Mitsuba gets stuck hanging from a limb in a tree while Futaba runs off, and her pride ends up preventing her from being able to ask for help.

My Thoughts: After the first few minutes, I was cringing at all the sticky snot humor and yellow-stained urine jokes. I already knew I was dropping the show, but forced myself to watch the rest of the episode. It didn’t get any better with the unfunny kiddy-porn blackmail jokes, but at least it wasn’t as filthy and disgusting and make me want to take a long, hot shower. Comedy involving massive gobs of mucus, piss flying everywhere…not my thing. What’s next? Defecation, farts, burping, semen? I feel sorry for the people that find this series funny. Okay, I gave Mitsudomoe the ol’ college try, but this is way too much for me.

By the way, what the ever-lovin’ fuck is an elementary school doing collecting urine samples from little kids for, anyway? Must be one of those “inscrutable Japanese things” that us Americans don’t know about or understand. In any event, good riddance to all that.

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The Verdict:

Second episodes up for review next: The Occult Academy, Black Butler II, Nurarihyon no Mago

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