Anime Review: K-On Season 2 Episodes 7, 8, and 9

(Originally published on Livejournal on 6/26/10)

Anime Review:
K-On Season 2 Episodes 7, 8 and 9

About The Series: Yui has always been a carefree soul, wandering her way through school without any goals in life — until the day she decided to join the Light Music Club, despite not knowing how to play any instrument. With only four members in the club, they form a band, After School Tea-Time, and in the process form a close friendship that lasts throughout their high school years. Now the original members are all seniors, and with four members of the club graduating at the end of the year, that will leave just one junior member, and they decide to make the best of their final year while they can.

ep.7 tl;dr review: Nodoka and the band members put together a special tea party for the members of the Mio Fan Club; Lots of silly and embarrassing little things at Mio’s expense.

Episode 7 Synopsis: A couple of students whip out their “Mio Fan Club” cards, and we learn that during their first year Mio actually had her own little (reluctant) fan club with merchandise. The original student president was an obsessive fan, and pawned off the fanclub duties onto Nodoka when she graduated. As a “thank you” to the original student president, they decide to throw a little celebratory tea party, and when she cannot attend they decide to push ahead for all the other Fan Club members. The tea party includes a big cake, an embarrassing slide show, poetry and a performance headed by Mio, and a good time is had by all.

ep.8 tl;dr review: Time to turn in the annual future career surveys; As expected, both Ritsu and Yui have great difficulty thinking about their future.

Episode 8 Synopsis: Everybody in class has turned in their career surveys…except for the flighty Ritsu and numb-minded Yui, of course. The two of them go over all sorts of possibilities in their minds, but still can’t settle on their future careers. Some ideas include becoming a teacher (much to Sawa’s annoyance), musicians (laughed off), and even just simply “I’ll do my best”. Every suggestion is turned down, and in the end nothing is resolved — very analogous to the overall series itself.

ep.9 tl;dr review: Midterms arrive with Azusa helping Yui with an intensive training schedule; they also partipate in a duet at a local neighborhood talent show.

Episode 9 Synopsis: A local grandmother in the neighborhood invites Yui to perform at a local talent show, and Yui feels obliged to attend. However, it is also study-time for the all important mid-terms, and she is woefully unprepared. Azusa, the only club member who is not under the pressure to study, steps forward to help Yui by devising a strict study regimen as well as joining Yui in a duet performance. The two of them perform a cute little acoustic number (but don’t win), and Yui does unexpectedly well on all her tests.

My Thoughts: Let me try and shorten the synopses just a tad. Stuff happens, Yui acts all silly and water-headed, in the end nothing changes, The End.

The End, indeed, at least for me. My mistake is that I went into this show expecting (hoping?) for something different than what the show actually delivered. I wanted to see some sort of character growth, some sort of hint of change, something to actually happen. But ultimately it’s just a series of short little sweet gags and events, giggly girls doing giggly stuff. There’s no progression – you could just as easily swap out the order of the episodes and couldn’t tell the difference. Even when *forced* to confront their futures with the career survey, they end up taking a mulligan. Yui will never grow up. Feh.

Also, did anyone else find the very concept of a “Mio Fan Club” just plain creepy? You can already hear all the masturbatory fanboys out there whipping out their pens to draw the next lesbian fantasy doujinshi to sell at the next Comiket.

Oh well — if anything of actually importance happens, then wake me up. Otherwise, count me out of the fan club for now.

The Verdict: – Sorry, Yui, you’re just too boring to keep watching. And crying about it ain’t going to change my mind.

Up Next: Arakawa Under the Bridge, Senkou no Night Raid, and The Tatami Galaxy.

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