Anime Review: Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 6

(originally published on Livejournal on 6/17/10)

Anime Review:
Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 6

tl;dr review: Five students at school become obsessed followers of Misaki. Usui steals a kiss, and jumps off a building.

About The Series: Misaki is the tough-as-nails class president at a recently-gender-integrated high school, where she is working hard to protect the handful of female students while trying to turn the reputation of the school around. However, she also holds a secret: Misaki works at a maid cafe in a nearby town. If anyone at the school were to discover her secret, her personal reputation would be ruined! So, what happens when one of her classmates, the ever-cool Usui, discovers her part-time job?

In This Episode: Five students at school take a liking to Misaki, thinking that she is the greatest thing on Earth. They follow her around like puppy dogs, hoping to be just like her, hanging on her every word and action. Naturally, this annoys Misaki to no end, although she is too nice to tell them to go jump in a lake. In fact, she secretly seems to enjoy the idol-worship, but is troubled by her own ability to live up to their expectations – specifically the double-life she lives. Misaki is even ready to confess to the quintet about her maid job (to relieve her conscience). While talking with Usui on the building’s rooftop, he teases Misaki with a photo of her dressed as a maid that he won earlier during a game at the maid cafe. While grabbing for it, it slips out of his hand, fluttering to the ground below…right in front of the quintets. Misaki, distraught, sees her secret crumbling before her; Usui completely stuns her by stealing a kiss…then jumping off the roof to retrieve the photo before it reaches the ground. Misaki is completely beside herself, not only from the emotional rollercoaster but also worrying about Usui after his multi-story stunt. While beaten up he’s okay, but this whole episode just leaves Misaki more confused than ever at Usui’s intentions.

My Thoughts: I found the five obsesses followers to be quite annoying, although that was supposed to be part of the point, after all. More interesting, though, was that Misaki’s conscience is still bugging her — she knows that she shouldn’t yet be hiding her part-time job from her friends and classmates, but persists in trying to keep the secret alive. Ready to finally expose the facade herself, it actually falls to Usui to stop her. Despite her rough treatment of Usui, we see that in the moment of crisis she actually does care about him, even when she doesn’t realize it herself.

It’s the moment that all the squealing fangirls have been waiting for: the first kiss. But is it any surprise? After all, from the very beginning of the show, we have always known that the two of them are going to end up together, it’s just a matter of how much they fight like cats and dogs before it gets through that thick head of hers. And what exactly *are* Usui’s intentions, anyway? It’s impossible to tell when he is being serious, and when he’s just teasing her. Even when he says “I love you” and kisses her, jumping off the roof to save her reputation, he then follows that up with a wisecrack and hinting that he “buys her services”. Usui’s true motives are maddeningly elusive, and there’s just so much we don’t really know about him.

The Verdict:

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