Anime Review: K-On Season 2 Episode 6

(Originally published on Livejournal on 6/17/10)

Anime Review:
K-On Season 2 Episode 6

tl;dr review: Yui gets soaking wet and is reduced to a moe-blob of ultra-annoying uselessness.

About The Series: Yui has always been a carefree soul, wandering her way through school without any goals in life — until the day she decided to join the Light Music Club, despite not knowing how to play any instrument. With only four members in the club, they form a band, After School Tea-Time, and in the process form a close friendship that lasts throughout their high school years. Now the original members are all seniors, and with four members of the club graduating at the end of the year, that will leave just one junior member, and they decide to make the best of their final year while they can.

In This Episode: The rainy season has arrived in Japan, and Yui finds it a challenge getting to school, carrying a big guitar case. Predictably, she arrives at class soaking wet, but managing to keep her beloved guitar (“Gitah”) safe. Her classmates take pity on her, and she heads off to the K-On club room to pick dry out and change. There, Yui has a choice of band-performance costumes to pick from, and settles on a maid uniform, much to the teacher’s chagrin. The rest of the episode is about keeping their instruments dry and mold-free during the non-stop rains, and how much Yui loves her instrument (even giving it a name), and wondering what Mio’s instrument name would be.

My Thoughts: I don’t feel much like giving a long description of this episode or critiquing it, because it’s just plain AWFUL, and boring. It’s like we have reverted back to the early days of the first season of K-On, when Yui had the emotional mentality and skills of a six-year-old fumble-fingered girl. All it takes is a little bit of rain to reduce her into a quivering moe-blob of stupidity…no, strike that…she’s always been a quivering moe-blob of stupidity, it just seems the rain highlights it more. In fact, I’m so disgusted by this episode I’m ready to drop the series if there’s so much as a hint of this idiocy again. It’s very easy to cross over the line from “moe-endearing” to “moe-annoying”, and this episode catapulted over that line by a few miles.

Yeah, I get the whole “I love my Gitah” bit, I think we’ve had that hammered into us quite well. That’s the “moe-endearing” part — I’d be fine if they left it at that. But this whole “wah, wah, I’m wet, boo hoo” bit is grating. Cute, though, to also see Mio secretly harboring a love for her instrument as well, despite her public protestations otherwise (which fits in perfectly with her tsundere personality).

The Verdict: – short-listed for the drop list!

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