Anime Review: Giant Killing Episode 5

(Originally published on Livejournal on 6/11/10)

Anime Review:
Giant Killing Episode 5

tl;dr review: Second-half of the big first test match. Rookie makes rookie mistakes, embittered veteran gets his game back, it all ends in a tie.

About The Series: Ten years ago, the future was bright for East Tokyo United, with their new star player, Tatsumi leading the way. But when he suddenly left to play soccer overseas, the team fell into a long slide. Today, ETU is on the verge of collapse, losing key players, sponsors and fans. In a last-ditch effort to turn things around, they hire Tatsumi back as the head coach. After being branded a traitor, can he win over his former fans and teammates, and will his unorthodox methods shake things up enough to bring ETU back from the edge?

In This Episode: The second half of the big game against Tokyo Victory begins, with the rookie Tsubaki doubting his skills after setting up the score that brought the game to a tie. Now that the other team has seen some of Tatsumi’s new coaching skills, they step up their game and ratcheting up the pressure. Predictably, the rookie makes a rookie mistake leading to another score, but rather than taste defeat, ETU just shows further resolve in the final minutes. The former captain Murakoshi begins to realize just why Tatsumi took away his leadership role, allowing him to focus on what he does best and scores an impressive goal to bring the game to a tie. Afterwards, Tatsumi meets with Murakoshi and offers him the captaincy back, but under strict conditions.

My Thoughts: I won’t go into much detail analyzing this show — I had already made the decision to drop the series on the last episode, but held out and additional episode because I didn’t want to quit in the middle of the “big game”, and wanted to give the show one more chance to win me over. No such luck, the visuals are just too painful to endure, with tons of soft-light faded backgrounds, action-lines and slo-mo introspection. And the characters remain as stubbornly one-dimensional as ever.

Well, enough of that. No need to watch anime version of soccer, with the World Cup starting up this weekend.

The Verdict: DROPPED! – The Agony of Defeat!

My review of Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4.

Up Next: The Tatami Galaxy.

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