Anime Review: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode 1

(Originally published in Livejournal on 4/12/10)

Anime Review in a Minute:
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

What This Is All About: I am going to attempt to watch at least the first episode of every anime show of the new season that is subtitled. The review will be divided into three short sections: “The Elevator Speech”, a quick two-to-three sentence synopsis of the episode; “The Skinny”, my initial reactions, and “The Verdict”, a simple Pass/Fail grade that determines whether to continue to the next episode or not – I’m guessing that between 50-75% off all first episodes will earn a failing grade.

The Elevator Speech: Harry Potter (Sai Akuto) was abandoned as an orphan at birth; fast-forward to a futuristic Japan, where as a high-school student he is boarding a train to travel to the magical-training academy of Hogwart’s (Constant Magic Academy). In the process, he meets with Hermoine Grainger (Hattori Junko), who pledges a life-long friendship to him. The new students then go through orientation, where they meet up with The Sorting Hat (uh…a strange bird in underwear that smokes under glass) that predestines the future occupation of every student, and has never been wrong! Everyone is surprised when it predicts great things…TERRIBLE things (actually, he will become a Demon Lord that destroys the world). And then it gets *really* weird.

The Skinny: Okay, okay…it’s not really like Harry Potter at all. This show is really an over-the-top (and I mean WAY over-the-top) magical school show that is just a vehicle for delivering panty shots and titillating near-nudity. Poor Sai Akuto wants to become a high priest (a very noble goal), and is totally blindsided when augured to become a Demon Lord. As you might expect, everyone in school immediately turns against him on the first day, especially the yandere he met earlier. What’s more, *every single* attempt to explain himself or remedy the situation makes it that much worse. There’s a decent germ of an idea there — but the show producers decide to focus on panty shots, half-naked girls and the ridiculous clothing-left-in-tatters-that-barely-cover-the-naughty-bits shots. And from the quick introduction of several more female characters at the end, I suspect it’ll quickly turn into an ecchi harem show as well.

The Verdict:

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