Anime Review: Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 1

(originally published on Livejournal on 4/11/10)

Anime Review in a Minute:
Kaichou was Maid-sama

What This Is All About: I am going to attempt to watch at least the first episode of every anime show of the new season that is subtitled. The review will be divided into three short sections: “The Elevator Speech”, a quick two-to-three sentence synopsis of the episode; “The Skinny”, my initial reactions, and “The Verdict”, a simple Pass/Fail grade that determines whether to continue to the next episode or not – I’m guessing that between 50-75% off all first episodes will earn a failing grade.

The Elevator Speech: Misaki has worked very hard to become the class president of a high school that has only recently turned co-ed, and as a self-professed man-hater, she makes it her duty to help protect the very few women on campus. Even though she rules with an iron fist, Misaki secretly works as a submissive maid at a nearby maid cafe to help pay the bills for her ailing mother. If anyone at school discovered her secret, her reputation would be ruined! So what happens when her rival, Takumi, the coolest guy at school, finds out?

The Skinny: Hey, everyone! It’s Tsundere: The Anime! Good lord, talk about the perfect tsundere-character vehicle — this also strikes me uncannily like Happy Hustle High, with some of the character roles jumbled up. Then again, the whole tough-girl-eventually-won-over-by-uninterested-boy plot is not exactly new. When previewing the season, I initially *completely* discounted this series once I saw the word “maid” as a stupid fan-service show, but I’m happy to see it is mostly a plot development vehicle rather than the main focus of the show. Did not like the tons of exposition thrown out in the first episode to get the ball rolling, but I do like the characters and how the interact, kinda reminds me a bit of Tora Dora.

The Verdict:

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